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coontie relatives

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Florida Coonties and Atala Butterflies
... of Document COONTIE RELATIVES HABITAT AND RANGE DESCRIPTION NON-LANDSCAPE USES LANDSCAPE CHARACTERISTICS AND USES PROPAGATION COONTIE PEST MANAGEMENT ATALA BUTTERFLY LEGAL STATUS ATALA CONTROL ATALA GARDENING REFERENCES -Coontie -Atala ... the plant or the butterfly by following the suggestions in this bulletin. COONTIE RELATIVES The coontie is an unusual Florida native that is a Cycad -- a "living ...

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Horticulture FAQ
... spread the spores. It is among the most colorful of mushroom relatives, red on top and paler below. Q. Spider mites are damaging ... will be happy to answer your questions. Q. My newly planted coontie plants have black stuff all over them and it seems to ... have developed an easy and effective program for controlling scale on our coontie plantings. Each spring, in early April, we begin watching for the ...