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cooler weather

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2 questions - Winter Sowing Forum - GardenWeb
... . If you have to use shallow cells, sow them with seeds which will germinate in cooler weather, and be transplanted early, like Lettuce and other cool season veggies. Trays require drainage holes ...

Tivoli Rose - Your Charles Darwin Photos - Antique Roses Forum - GardenWeb
... beautiful color. The color can also be like a very flat beige color in warm weather, which is most of the summer. In that case, the bloom may be yellow, maybe ... a day if you're lucky before it turns color. The fragrance is best in cooler weather. It is lighter in the summer. It is not always there. When it's there ...

Lighting/medium requirements - Orchids Forum - GardenWeb
... french covered patio doors (50-60% shaded by palms): Dendrobiums (warm-weather) Miltassia 'Charles M Fitch' Phal.s Standard and mini Cymbidiums Paph. ... bloom if given the right care. Cymbidiums as a genus prefer cooler temps than we have, but the "Everglades Gold" must be ... 't try it in Chicago or the Pacific Northwest. These are cooler growing orchids, they are perfect for the northwest and even the ...