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columned stinkhorn

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Floridata: A Gardener's Journal - November 2004
... in a torrent of buzzard squawks. Floridata's Fall Fiesta of Fungus Clathrus columnatus The columned stinkhorn begins life as a egg-shaped capsule that is usually buried in the earth. Sometimes ... real name is Clathrus columnatus. Because of its rank odor, it's commonly called the columned stinkhorn or deadman's fingers. This member of the mushroom clan produces a malodorous stench that ...

Floridata: A Gardener's Journal - January 2002
... (yech). Consequently this fetidly fragrant fungus is commonly known as columned stinkhorn (Clathrus columnatus). Despite all this nastiness I think the stinkhorn is a fascinating plant and I've decided it is good ... (I just counted nine of the rascals growing up on the hill). This is the columned stinkhorn which is also known as deadman's fingers which is a good tipoff that this ...
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