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coliform bacteria

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Microorganisms, Bacteria, and Viruses in Drinking Water
... , but, it is important to know what is present before treatment is begun. Coliform Bacteria Coliform bacteria live in soil or vegetation and in the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Coliforms ... bacteria, but a grouping of bacteria that includes many strains, such as E. coli. They are ubiquitous in nature, and many types are harmless. Therefore, it is not definitive that coliform bacteria ...

Campylobacteriosis: A New Foodborne Illness, HYG-5565-98
... cause of bacterial diarrhea in the United States, with even more occurrences than salmonella. These bacteria are fairly widespread, occurring in humans and animals, skin, soil, and water. They can ... were not ill and were more likely to drink water obtained from one particular spring. Coliform counts of water specimens from all three springs indicated fecal contamination. Torrential rains during the ...

Pollution of the Snake River
... (nitrates and phosphorus), and increased sediment load. There are also high levels of bacteria such as fecal coliform, mainly derived from livestock operations. One of the largest feedlots in United States is ...