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coconut pearl

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... circulation is much better, as well as a little more light. Coconut chips seem to keep the Chinese Cymbidiums happier than bark, ... it is closely related) The flowers, on a long spike, have a pearl-like luster in the sunlight. Lc. Mini Purple L. pumila 'Islander Delight ... large clumps, with many flowers. It grows on a piece of coconut husk, in the shade of a large tree fern. Dockrillia pugnioniformis ...

Indoor Orchids
... with nice form, and moderate size (on a moderately-sized plant) Blc. Haw Yuan Beauty 'Pearl' This Cattleya hybrid seems to be happier indoors. It grows and blooms well, twice a ... grows well under my fluorescents) Maxillaria tenuifolia These little flowers have a strong fragrance of coconut. Bulbophyllum blumei 'Elizibeth' Flowers are short-lived (only a few days) but several are produced ...