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coastal plain

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FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Newsletter - Vol 13, No. 3-4
... , and Massachusetts; and an endemic, Eupatorium leucolepis var. novae-angliae (New England boneset), found along coastal plain ponds in only nine locations in Massachusetts and six locations in Rhode Island. These Research ...

FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Volume 1, Chapter 1
... leaving bare rock (fig. 1.10). Marine transgressions over the Arctic Coastal Lowlands and Arctic Coastal Plain were extensive after glaciation (fig.1.9). Glaciers remain on promontories of ... ), central (Mississippi flood plain), and western (coastal band of Texas). This alluvial plain extends from the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, where the coastal plain penetrates far inland, to ...

FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Volume 1, Chapter 2
... Spodosols The spodosols of North America are sporadically found in scattered parts of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and in high mountainous areas, both east and west, but they are most extensively ... usually found in closed depressions and in broad, very poorly drained flat areas such as coastal plains. Saprists (from the Greek sapros, rotten) consist almost entirely of decomposed plant remains. ...