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cleveland sage

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Dicots, Part 2
... columbariae. Chia. Annual. Dry slopes. South of Sniveley’s Ridge. Salvia mellifera. Black Sage. Shrub. Common on dry, sunny slopes. Satureja douglasii. Yerba Buena. Perennial. Scutellaria ... Scarlet Pimpernel. Poor Man's Weather-glass. Annual. Native of Europe. Dodecatheon clevelandii. Cleveland's Shooting Star. Perennial. La Mesa Grande. Introduction | Ferns | Gymnosperms | Dicots 1 | Dicots ...

Wynnie's Urban Oasis : Chronicle 3
... & Things HOME NEW: WYNNIE'S SHAMELESS MERCHANDISING Chronicle 3: The Thickest Slab of Concrete in Cleveland This is the sunniest, driest area of the garden. It features a southwestern exposure and ... . In the late afternoon, this sunspot is filled with the intoxicating fragrances of lemon verbena, sage, curry, rosemary, 'Biokovo' cranesbill, and bourbon roses. Call me crazy - I prefer this to a ...

Linda's Orchid Pages - Flowers to grow: the Salvias
... Silver Sage (Salvia argentea): This sage is grown for its giant silvery gray woolly leaves. Azure Sage (Salvia azurea var. grandiflora): Sky blue flowers in late fall. Cleveland Blue Sage (Salvia clevelandii): This evergreen salvia has very strongly aromatic, resinous, gray leaves. Autumn Sage ( ...

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