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Angiosperm Families - Clethraceae Klotzsch.
... ; core Eudicot; Asterid; unassigned to Euasterid I or Euasterid II; Ericales. Species 120. Genera 1; Clethra. Economic uses, etc. A few cultivated ornamentals. This description is offered for casual browsing only ...

Clethra alnifolia
... Clethra alnifolia Clethra alnifolia L. Clethraceae A small shrub up to 2 m high with obovate leaves 3- ... . Home: E-North America Other views: Leaves Cultivated: Germany Author: Rainer Oberle Ethnobotanical aspects of Clethra alnifolia by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list

Clethra acuminata
... Yellowwood Fraser Fir Pinckneya Dwarf Chestnut Oak Virginia Roundleaf Birch Cinnamon Clethra (Clethra acuminata) Cinnamon Clethra is a small deciduous tree native to the southern Appalachian region. ... This is a very attractive plant. Scientific Name(s): Clethra acuminata Common Name(s): Cinnamon Clethra, Cinnamonbark Clethra, Mountain Pepperbush Plant Type: Small deciduous tree; sometimes shrublike ...

Clethra arborea
... Clethra arborea Clethra arborea Ait. Clethraceae A magnificent, normaly large shrub only for the mildest climates and sheltered ... . Home: Madeira Other views: Flower Cultivated: Germany Author:Ulrich Herzog Not found! Ethnobotanical aspects of Clethra arborea by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list

Floridata: Clethra alnifolia
... now and receive a free gift of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Clethra alnifolia Common Names: sweet pepperbush, summersweet Family: Clethraceae (sweet pepperbush family) Get link to ... family, Ericaceae. Besides this one North American species, there are about 40 other species of Clethra which occur in eastern and southeastern Asia. Some of these are available from nursery ...

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... -97 14:24 - Cladrastis_kentuckia/ 29-May-97 14:24 - Clematis_paniculata/ 29-May-97 14:25 - Clethra/ 29-Oct-97 17:16 - Cornus/ 29-May-97 15:01 - Corylus/ 29-May-97 ...

Gold Medal Plant Awards
... specimen plant and in woodland garden or massed. Hardy in zones 3-8 Clethra alnifolia Compacta Compact Fragrant Shrub Clethra alnifolia Compacta (compact summer sweet) is a small growing, dense multi-stemmed ...

What plants are good nectar sources for butterflies? -
... currasavica Shrimp plant - Justicia spp. Spanish needles - Bidens alba Stokes aster - Stokesia laevis Sweet pepperbush - Clethra spp. Tropical red sage - Salvia coccinea Turk's cap - Malvaviscus drommondii White snakeroot - Eupatorium rugosum ...

What do I do with this wet spot in my yard?! - Bog Garden Forum - GardenWeb
... lily, fragrant water lily, bottle gentian, golden club, monkey flower, marsh phlox, water smartweed, summersweet (clethra), swamp thistle, water shield, There are lots of sources of information on the web. http ...

Growing from Seed - GardenWeb
... :01 6 follow-ups, last one posted on Sun, Apr 23, 06 at 12:39 Clethra alnifolia ruby spice from seed Posted by: maryjanej 5 on Fri, Apr 21, 06 at ...

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