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citrus species

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Database Entry: Bitter Orange - Citrus aurantium Bitter Orange - Citrus aurantium Bitter Orange - Citrus aurantium Bitter Orange - Citrus aurantium
... Policy Conditions of Use Free Service Español Português Deutsch Italiano Français Norsk Family: Rutaceae Genus: Citrus Species: aurantium Common Name: Bitter Orange, Ch'Eng, Chin Ch'Iu, Hua Chu Hung, Kuang Chu ... 1983). Citrus Linnaeus The 12 or 15 species of Citrus are small, often spiny shrubs and trees of the tropics and subtropics native to Asia and Malaysia. A number of the species are ...

Tangerine - Citrus reticulata
... Citrus reticulata Español, Português, Deutsch Italiano , Français , Norsk TANGERINE PEEL Family: Rutaceae Genus: Citrus Species: reticulata Common names: Mandarin Ethnic names: Chu Sha Chu, Kan, Mandarine, ... which promotes digestion and relieves nausea and gas." 9. "Botanical name: Citrus reticulate. Pharmaceutical name: Pericarpium Citri Properties: bitter, acrid, slightly warm. Channels entered: ...

Maracuja - Passion Fruit - Passiflora, Maracuja - Passion fruit - Passiflora, Maracuja - Passionflower fruit - Passiflora
... caproate, niacin, pectin-methylesterase, phenolase,phosphorus, potassium, protein, riboflavin, sodium, thiamin, water, xanthophylls Various species of Passiflora, climbing vines native to the South American tropics and rainforest, have ... provide an alternative to farmers who have been hurt by winter freezes of citrus crops. Several US-based juice companies have expressed interest in the new fruit ...