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chinese sweetshrub

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US National Arboretum Picture of the Week Answer        -
... for September 7th - September 18th, 2006 This is Chinese sweetshrub, Sinocalycanthus chinensis. Closely related to our native common sweetshrub, Chinese sweetshrub (sometimes called Chinese wax shrub) lacks any floral fragrance and has ... unique shrub is less hardy than common sweetshrub and may be grown in USDA Hardiness Zones 6 through 8. You can see Chinese sweetshrub near the top of China Valley ...

Floridata: Drought Tolerant Plants
... , dwarf poinciana Callicarpa americana American beautyberry, beautyberry, French mulberry Calycanthus floridus sweetshrub, Carolina allspice, strawberry shrub Camellia sasanqua sasanqua camellia Chaenomeles speciosa Japanese ... chilensis Chilean wine palm, coquito palm, honey palm Livistona chinensis Chinese fan palm, Chinese fountain palm Livistona decipiens ribbon fan palm Nannorrhops ritchieana ...

Floridata: Shrub List
... Callistemon viminalis weeping bottlebrush Calocedrus decurrens incense cedar, incensecedar Calycanthus floridus sweetshrub, Carolina allspice, strawberry shrub Camellia japonica camellia, japonicas Camellia sasanqua ... Jatropha multifida coral plant, physic nut, Guatemala rhubarb Juniperus chinensis Chinese juniper Juniperus conferta shore juniper, Japanese shore juniper, Blue Pacifica juniper ...
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Index of Common Names: E - Plants For A Future database report
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