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chigger bites

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... 1-5 generations may be produced per year depending on the temperature, moisture, and location. Chigger Bites Chiggers attach themselves to the skin, hair follicles or pores by inserting their piercing ... human immune reaction to a bite prevents the chigger from obtaining adequate nourishment. They rarely survive long enough to complete a meal. Itching from chigger bites is usually noticed 4-8 hours ...

Entomology and Pest Management
... Ohio, but their bites cause annoying itching. Chigger immatures are microscopic. Because chiggers cannot be seen easily, being bitten is the only way we learn that an infestation exists. Chigger larvae attack humans by inserting mouthparts into hair follicles or skin pores to feed. Chiggers are usually a problem in late spring and summer. Their bites can cause ...