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central facet

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Cycad Society SA: Encephalartos brevifoliolatus
... wide and 5mm high, and drawn out to a length of about 6mm to the central facet. The central facet is rhombic, smooth, 7mm to 9mm wide and 3mm to 5mm wide. The female ...

Cycad Society SA: Encephalartos dyerianus
... 90mm to 120mm wide. Cones are borne on a 100mm to 170mm long peduncle. The central facet of the cone scale face is slightly raised, but not drawn out into a beak ...
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CRFG Fruit List
... - Litsea garciae ENGLISH WALNUT - Juglans regia See Walnut ENSETE VENTRICOSUM - Abyssinian Banana ENVIRONMENTS Horticulture: a Facet of Independent Living for the Blind. By Alice A. Estep. 1989 #3, pp 10-11 ... . See Grumichama EUGENIA KLOTZSCHIANA - Pero do Campo This small shrub or tree (to 5') from Central Brazil has hard brittle leaves, dark green above and silver below. The fruit is pear ...

CRFG Fruit List
... yellow with acid pulp and two large seeds. Propagated by seed. GARDEN MANNERS Horticulture: a Facet of Independent Living for the Blind. By Alice A. Estep. 1989, #3 pp 10-11 ... Tree North of San Francisco. By J. Garrin Fullington. 1983 #3, p 4 Feijoa in Central California. By Clell E. Bowman. 1974 #4, pp 11-12; 1984 YB, pp 32-33 ...
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The Simple Act of Planting a Tree: Chapter 2
... of environmental restoration—putting back what was originally there—is becoming recognized as an important facet of environmental activism. Restoration can be as simple as a group of neighbors replanting a ... Made From Trees, Right? In April 1986, an arsonist set fire to the Los Angeles Central Library. Once the flames were out, a rescue operation was mounted, using TreePeople's skills ...

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