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central arnhem land

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Cycas arnhemica
... Eylandt, another on the lower Blythe River in northern Arnhem Land, and another on the upper Goyder River in central Arnhem Land. These geographically separated populations are also morphologically distinct, ... . Subsp. arnhemica from central Arnhem Land differs in the larger leaves with longer, wider and more widely spaced leaflets. Subsp. natja from northern Arnhem Land is distinguished by its ...

Aboriginal Uses of Plants Around Sydney
... damper, with a much higher fibre content that the doughy British version! Eragrostis spp. Central Australia Panicum spp.   Acacia spp. Seeds Interestingly, the pollen of Typha spp. (which ... for skin diseases Acacia implexa ditto Alphitonia excelsa Leaves used as skin disinfectant, in Arnhem Land Carpobrotus glaucescens Steamed and eaten as a purgative, in Tasmania Clematis glycinoides Crushed ...

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... .Bruce) medium, probably perennial, terrestrial. Aftric and Madagascar: Cameroon, Gabon, Central African Republic. Zaire, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Madagascar ... medium, probably annual, affixed aquatic or terrestrial. Australia: Northern Territory, Arnhem Land sandstone escarpment near Jabiru to Katherine. Utricularia bosminifera (Ostenf.) Utricularia bracteata ...