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Cedar or Juniper?
... Cedar or Juniper? Cedar or Juniper? GardenLine | Trees and Shrubs | Cedar or Juniper? Another common query of Gardenline is where it is recommended to plant cedars and junipers. Sometimes, people are even unsure what the difference is between the two. Cedar (Thuja) What we commonly refer to as cedars are really not “true” cedars but ...

Alaska Cedar
Alaska Cedar Alaska Cedar Chamaecyparis nootkatensis To sprout the seeds, place fresh seeds in a plastic bag filled with moist but not wet mix of 1/3 sand, 1/3 soil, 1/3 humus, and refrigerate for up to 1 1/2 months to improve germination, and then plant the seeds in a deep container with soil mix kept moist.

Incense Cedar
... Incense Cedar Incense Cedar Calocedrus decurrens This rapidly tapering 100-160 foot tree grows from 2500-6000 feet elevation. ...
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... cedar isn't. Eastern red cedar isn't a Cedrus at all, it's a juniper - Juniperus virginiana (which, BTW, is the "cedar" used as fragrant red cedar woodwork). Eastern white cedar and Western red cedar ... cedar - A steel blue cultivar. Cedrus brevifolia: Cyprus cedar, Cyprian cedar - A very slow growing tree, with short, dark green needles. Cedrus deodara: Deodar cedar, Indian cedar - the largest cedar ...

Cedar of Lebanon
... Cedar of Lebanon Cedar of Lebanon - Cedrus libani General Information: This is a ... like to be transplanted, and prefers a pollution-free, sunny environment. The Cedar of Lebanon is originally from the Middle East and grows to be ... including cultivars) of true cedars. The others are Atlas cedar C. atlantica, Deodar cedar C. deodara and Cyprus cedar C. brevifolia. Most other "cedars" are of the ...
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Questions On Cedar
... need to get the name straight. By "cedar" do you mean arborvitae, juniper, or true cedar - Cedrus spp? Generally plants that turn ... to a recent book purchase of mine on seeds! "Cedar," unfortunately, is a common parlance given to three distinctly ... arborvitae; Thuja spp, northern white cedar and western red cedar, depending on the species; and Juniperus spp, usually rocky mountain red cedar, which I ... Trees: Species: Cedar
... Cedar Cedrus atlantica Cedar of Lebanon Cedrus libani Deodar Cedar Cedrus deodara Eastern Red Cedar Juniperus virginiana Northern White Cedar Thuja occidentalis Oriental Arborvitae Thuja orientalis Western Red Cedar ...

Cedar Rust Diseases of Ornamental Plants, HYG-3055-96
... from junipers. This is easier to do with cedar apple rust and cedar hawthorn rust, since galled areas are more inconspicuous with cedar quince rust. Use plants with genetic resistance. ... with resistance to rust diseases. Juniperus Crataegus (Hawthorn) Malus (Crab Apple) Cedar Apple and Hawthorn Rust: Cedar Hawthorn Rust: Cedar Hawthorn Rust: Resistant: Resistant: Resistant: J. ashei C. crus-galli ...

Trees of Reed: Incense Cedar
... of Reed: Incense Cedar Incense-cedar Scientific Name: Calocedrus decurrens Family: Cupressaceae This fast growing tree is native from Mt. Hood to northern Baja, California. Although not a true cedar, it is the one used most often to make cedar chests. The male cones of this tree are bright yellow and ...

Trees of Reed: Deerhorn Cedar
... Trees of Reed: Deerhorn Cedar Deerhorn Cedar Scientific Name: Thujopsis dolobrata Family: Cupressaceae This tree can attain 100 feet in its native ...
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