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carefree beauty

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New Page 3 The picture on the left was taken September 11, 2004. It is of a cross of Carefree Beauty X Heritage. The picture on the right is the same bloom on September 14, 2004. Return to seedling index page

carefree beauty X william Baffin
... carefree beauty X william Baffin This is a summer 1998 picture of a 1997 seedling of Carefree Beauty X William Baffin. As indicated in the diagram William Baffin is from hardy and disease ... be a good source of these properties for those who are breeding for northern gardens. Carefree Beauty has a very complex parentage that has reasonable disease resistance and winter hardiness. It brings ...

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... have: Zephirine Drouhin, Sunsprite, Abraham Darby, Prairie Sunrise, 2 Pat Austins, 3 Knockouts, Marchesa Boccella, Carefree Beauty, Darlow's Enigma, Maggie, Louise Odier, 5 Betty Priors, New Dawn, Veilchenblau, and Quietness. Also ...

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... :15 6 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Jun 27, 06 at 23:18 Carefree Beauty or Jens Munk? Posted by: ebster Z5 on Mon, Jun 26, 06 at 0:27 ...

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... Illusion) X R-15 Prairie Harvest X William Baffin Folksinger X William Baffin Carefree Beauty X Heritage Folksinger X Dortman Morden Centennial seedling #244 Seedlings of Prairie ... (Therese Bugnet granddaughter) Therese Bugnet granddaughter X Will Alderman Folksinger daughter Folksinger granddaughter Carefree Beauty X William Baffin Heritage X William Baffin, Great Granddaughter of Therese Bugnet ...

... was hybridized by the late Dr. Griffith J. Buck. The parents of Prairie Harvest are: Carefree Beauty X Sunsprite. Prairie Harvest is described at: ...

Illusion X Folksinger
Illusion X Folksinger This is a March 19, 2000 picture of an Illusion X Folksinger seedling that flowered while still in the sunroom. A description of Illusion can be found at: Discussion of Illusion Folksinger is Carefree Beauty X Sunsprite. Folksinger for me is a peach color. Return to seedling menu page.

Folksinger granddaughter 1999
Folksinger granddaughter 1999 Folksinger granddaughter March 1999. Folksinger is Carefree Beauty X Sunsprite. Folksinger for me was a peach color. It took two generations of selfs to get the Sunsprite yellow back. The photo was made by simply placing the flower on the scanner. I think the actual yellow is better than the scaned picture. Return to previous page

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... Anita Charles Angelica Renae Antique Rose Baby Katy Baby Besty McCall Baby Darling Baby Masquerade Beauty Secret Bit O' Magic Black Jade Cinderella Child's Play ChooChoo Centennial Copper Sunset ... Hybrid Teas and Floribundas All That Jazz Arizona Angel Face Barbara Bush Brass Band Caribian Carefree Beauty Chicago Peace Color Magic Condesa de Sastago Dainty Bess Double Delight Flaming Peace Fragrant ...

Rose Pests and Spraying (for the Northeastern US)
... rose varieties which are resistant to it. Examples of highly resistant varieties include Knock Out, Carefree Beauty and Cherry Meidiland. Most Rugosa hybrids (e.g., Hansa) are also highly resistant. I grow ...