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Caragana - Peashrub
... Caragana - Peashrub Peashrub - Caragana sp. General information: The peashrubs are unusual as bonsai, but they have much to recommend them. They have tiny compound leaves like Acacia or Texas Ebony (Caragana ... hence the name. Zones 2-4. Caragana. arborescens microphylla. Caragana arborescens cv.pendula: weeping Siberian peashrub. Caragana chamlagu (also called caragana sinica): Mongolian redshrub - A ...

Caragana brevispina Royle
... Caragana brevispina Royle Caragana brevispina Royle Caragana triflora Lindl. Fabaceae Spiny deciduous shrub up to 3 m high. Shoots downy when young. ... Himalaya Other views: Leaves, Fruits Cultivated: France and Germany Author: Frédéric Tournay Ethnobotanical aspects of Caragana brevispina by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list

Caragana jubata
... Caragana jubata Caragana jubata Poir. Leguminosae Small and slow growing shrub of irregular form. Young shoots and twigs ... spring Home: Siberia, Mongolia Other views: Flower Cultivated: Germany Author: Rainer Oberle Ethnobotanical aspects of Caragana jubata by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list
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New Disease Reports - First report of powdery mildew on Caragana arborescens in Hungary caused by Erysiphe palczewskii
... Search NDR About NDR Editors Author Info Submission Links First report of powdery mildew on Caragana arborescens in Hungary caused by Erysiphe palczewskii L. Vajna Plant Protection Institute of the Hungarian ... appendages. This fungus is an introduced Asian species, which is mainly known to occur on Caragana spp., and has been recorded in recent years in several many European countries (Gelyuta & ...

Caragana Country Acres
Caragana Country Acres A CANADIAN PRAIRIE SETTING Wilfred & Joan Messer, Macoun, Saskatchewan About Us Links Page A Collection of Daylilies & Peonies Coming Soon.....All About Caraganas ©2003 Caragana Country Acres Photographs by Joan Messer are not public domain Site: by chacha

Caragana Country Acres
... Acres Wilfred and Joan Messer, Macoun, Saskatchewan WELCOME TO CARAGANA COUNTRY ACRES Wilf and I live on the family farm in southeastern Saskatchewan very close ... of both worlds. Wilf Messer Joan Messer Our cat MacKenzie is the official mouser at Caragana Country Acres and also thinks he is master of the household as well. Myshka Berry ...
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TreeHelp Store: Caragana Seeds
... search request has returned the following 2 product(s): Item #10280 Product Category: Seeds Caragana Microphylla: Littleleaf Caragana Seeds Packet contains a minimum of 40 seeds Zone 3 : Grows to 18 ft ... light yellow flowers. Excellent screen or windbreak. Price: $6.95 Item #10270 Product Category: Seeds Caragana arborescens: Siberian Pea Tree Seeds Packet contains 40 seeds Zone 3 : Grows to 20 ft ...

Beneficial Insects
... is approximately 2 cm. in length. If blister beetles are found feeding on desirable plants (caragana, honeysuckle, beans, peas), spray the plants with water to discourage the insects. If this fails ...

Physiology Of Drought In Stressed Plants
... female plants are growing in close proximity. They too are highly attractive to birds. Caragana (Caragana arborescens), yet another escapee from Siberia, has long been known as the shelterbelt plant ... caragana is very similar to common caragana, except for a columnar growth habit. Where a columnar form is desired on a hot dry site, `Sutherland' caragana would be hard to beat. `Lobergii' caragana ...
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... less than two weeks at 72ºF . Surface sow seeds, light needed for best results., Caragana arborescens - nick coat, 2 weeks at 32-39ºF, move to 68ºF Cardiocrinum giganteum ...

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