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camel thorn

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... aneura Mulga Acacia Manna 3 0 Alhagi mannifera Manna Tree Manna 2 2 Alhagi maurorum Camel Thorn Manna 2 2 Astragalus chartostegius Manna 1 0 Astragalus echinus Manna 1 0 Atraphaxis spinosa ...

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... Agrostemma githago Corncockle Expectorant 1 1 Alhagi mannifera Manna Tree Expectorant 2 2 Alhagi maurorum Camel Thorn Expectorant 2 2 Allium ampeloprasum Wild Leek Expectorant 5 3 Allium ampeloprasum babbingtonii Babbington's ...
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Acacia erioloba
... Acacia erioloba E.Mey. Family : Fabaceae Common names : camel thorn; kameeldoring (Afr.) South African Tree No .: 168 The beautiful, slow-growing camel thorn grows well in poor soils and in harsh ... Vachalia and Senegalia, whereas the Australian members will retain the name Acacia. Ecology The camel thorn is a competitive species that can displace preferred vegetation. It has been assessed ...

Chalice Well [Upper Room Commentary]
... the household well and a fig tree against the wall. There was also a bushy thorn tree growing in a corner and this was in early bud. There were no figs ... whole house was scrupulously clean and well kept. The walls were bare except for two camel-hair rugs. These were hooded at one end and were evidently for use as cloaks ...

Chapter 10: Once were lost..., Medemia argun
... now found ourselves. Nobody seemed to have heard of the place, though, until an old camel drover was summoned who not only knew Murrat but recognized the photograph of Medemia that ... were Borassus aethiopum and Hyphaene thebaica, the latter sometimes forming large thickets in the dry thorn forest. Our guide, Ahmed, later continued our search alone even further south into areas we ...

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