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Species for the Genus Calanthe
Species for the Genus Calanthe Species for the Genus Calanthe Return to Genera Listed species marked with '†' will likely have a graphic available in the description. direct.cgi direct.cgi-before-migration output test.cgi Return to Genera

... began about 30 years ago. NIHON EBINE KYOOKAI (Japan Calanthe Society) was established in 1973, and now there are many Calanthe enthusiast groups in Japan. The genetic character of this ... his excellent photos of Japanese wild orchids. Calanthe hybrids Calanthe hybrids TSURU RAN SARUMEN EBINE NATSU EBINE enlarged image of NATSU EBINE flowers EBINE (Calanthe discolor) cultivars collected in the habitat ...

White Calopogon - Bog Garden Forum - GardenWeb
... ! How are you? Sometimes plants just take a break for a year. I have a Calanthe that flowered like mad three years ago and grew like crazy. The next year it ...

Orchid Forum - GardenWeb
... 6 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Aug 7, 06 at 18:34 breeding calanthe/phaius/cymbidium alliance Posted by: tropicool 8/9 Ireland on Fri, Aug 4, 06 at ...

Three Parter - Orchids Forum - GardenWeb
... do I continue to water even if the leaves are fading? 2. Ditto for a Calanthe. 3. The dendrobium nobiles are starting to bud... should I begin to water them again ...
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... €˜White Magic’ x Silver Eagle ‘Ghostly’) -- Dot Third Place - Yellow: Burrageara Stefan Isler -- Marilyn Calanthe Rozel -- Jan Doritaenopsis Ho's Happy Auckland 'Song' -- Bill Doritaenopsis Sogo Vivien -- Bill Odcdm. Tiger ...

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... Methods for Traditional Pot Plants Click here! Adonis amurensis Ardisia japonica Asian Cymbidiums Dendrobium moniliforme Calanthe Goodyera schlechtendaliana Farfugium japonicum Habenaria radiata Hepatica nobilis Heterotropa Nandina domestica Neofinetia falcata Poneorchis graminifolia ...

Gallery_23 GALLERY 23 Click on thumbnails to get a full size picture Ansella africana Calanthe conspicua Dendrobium junceum Grammatophyllum elegans Lycaste aromatica Oncidium hintoni Oncidium leuchilum Oncidium phymahtochi Some of the Species I flowered in 2001 BACK TO PHOTO GALLERY BACK TO GALLERY 22 GO TO GALLERY 24 BACK TO MAIN PAGE

... plicata) x kamahameha Spathoglottis chrysanthe x (plicata x affinis) Spathoglottis chrysanthe x kamahameha Spathoglottis gracillus Calanthe vestita Some Terestrials I flowered in 2001 BACK TO PHOTO GALLERY BACK TO GALLERY 24 ...
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... brow-TOH-nee-a Bulbophyllum bulb-oh-FILL-um Caladenia kal-a-DEE-nee-a Calanthe kal-AN-thee Caleana kal-ee-AN-a Calopogon kal-o-POH-gon Calypso ka ...

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