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Caladium World - Quality grower of fine caladiums!
... many of the harder to find caladiums. Sideline of elephant ears too! caladiums, caladium, caladium bulbs, caladiums bulbs, caladiums bulb, caladium hortulanum, fancy leaf, fancy-leaf, fancy-leaved, fancy-leafed, fancy leaved, fancy ...

Gardener's Network: How to Grow Caladium Flowering Bulbs / Tuberous Roots
... Supply TGN OnLine Florist Search for: Flowers Annuals Perennials Bulbs How to Grow Caladium Some people know Caladiums as a Houseplant. Others recognize Caladiums as a colorful, leafy ... and Disease: You should experience few problems with your caladium. Use insecticide or fungicide only if a problem occurs. More Information: Caladium is a Poisonous Plant Flower Gallery lots of pictures. ...

Poisonous House Plants - Caladium
... House Plants - Caladium Poisonous House Plants Common names Angels' wings Botanical name Caladium x hortulanum Poisonous parts All parts Toxins Calcium oxalate Notes Pictured is one of the ... the foliage are all at risk. Back Next NOTE: The following toxicity information is for Caladium bicolor. Toxicity Information Courtesy of: Derek B. Munro Biological Resources Program Eastern Cereal and Oilseed ...

... botany/caladium CALADIUM (Cala'dium) DESCRIPTION: These tropical plants are native to South America and are grown for ...

Caladium List
Caladium List Caladium SPECIES SOURCE Caladium humboldtii Michael Vassar Caladium 'Mrs. Haldeman' Michael Vassar Caladium 'Pink Beauty' Michael Vassar Caladium 'White Queen' Michael Vassar All images copyrighted by author.

Caladium humboldtii
Caladium humboldtii Caladium humboldtii Michael Vassar
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Information about Fancy Leaved Caladium
... order of $50 White Flower Farm - Gardening Begins Here Fancy Leaved Caladium INFORMATION ABOUT FANCY LEAVED CALADIUM... Fancy leaved caladium is sometimes called the rainbow plant because of its multicolored leaves ... and is native to South America. The scientific name for the fancy leaved caladium is Caladium x Hortulanum Fancy leaved caladiums are treasured for their beautiful heart-shaped leaves ...

Caladium (Indoors)
... ) Michigan State University Extension Ornamental Plants plus Version 2.0 - 00000239 01/01/98 Caladium (Indoors) Type: house plant Comments: Most Caladiums have brightly colored foliage. The green leaved types ...

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... Caladium (Indoors) - Instructions on how to care for caladium as a house plant; from the Michigan State University Extension. Caladium List - Photographs of four different varieties of caladium. Caladium ...

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... - Home:Gardening:Plants:C:Caladium home | help Top: Home: Gardening: Plants: C: Caladium This category is for sites about the growing of Caladium plants. Though it is often called a ... technically a tuber. Open Directory Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Liliopsida: Araceae: Caladium Copyright 1998-2005 Netscape Last update: 11:59 PT, Saturday, August 23, 2003 - edit ...
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