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cacao family sterculiaceae

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Sterculiaceae - Cacao Family
Sterculiaceae - Cacao Family Sterculiaceae - Cacao Family Flowers: Fruit: Leaves: Plant: Back to Family Index

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... Family (Scrophulariaceae) Prairie Gerardia Agalinis heterophylia Unknown 007 Unknown 007 Unknown 008 Unknown 008 Corn Speedwell Veronica arvensis Nightshade Family (Solanaceae) American Nightshade Solanium Ptycanthum Cacao Family (Sterculiaceae) Broom-Wood, Pyramid Flower Melochia pyramidata Vervain Family ...
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UCJEPS: Jepson Manual Treatment Indexes
... Family SOLANACEAE · Nightshade Family STAPHYLEACEAE · Bladdernut Family STERCULIACEAE · Cacao Family STYRACACEAE · Storax Family TAMARICACEAE · Tamarisk Family THYMELAEACEAE · Mezereum Family TROPAEOLACEAE · Nasturtium Family ULMACEAE · Elm Family URTICACEAE · Nettle Family VALERIANACEAE · Valerian Family VERBENACEAE · Vervain Family VIOLACEAE · Violet Family VISCACEAE · Mistletoe Family VITACEAE ...

Anza-Borrego Photos
... genus (Tegrodera). Scarlet gilia (Ipomopsis tenuifolia) a spectacular wildflower of the phlox family (Polemoniaceae) native to rocky slopes near Jacumba in eastern San Diego County. ... family (Krameriaceae) and is partially parasitic on other shrubs. Another species (K. erecta) has cupped sepals and fruit spines with barbs along the shafts. Two members of the cacao or chocolate family (Sterculiaceae ...

... Cacao CACAO, FOOD OF THE GODS Cacao (Theobroma cacao) STERCULIACEAE, Cacao Family Cacao, a small evergreen tree native to the lower eastern slope of the Andes in South America, is the source of cocoa and chocolate. Cacao ... a drink for the wealthy (cocoa) by combining cacao powder (bitter), maize, and vanilla with sugar. The Spaniards introduced cacao to Trinidad and Venezuela, but their monopoly was ...

... Cola COFFEE, TEA, OR ME? Kolanut (Cola nitida) STERCULIACEAE, Cacao Family The "Me" of today's culture is generally a nonalcoholic cola beverage, such as the ... (glycoside), that can stimulate the heart. Another plant, the Brazilian cola or guaranį (Paullinia cupana, Family Sapindaceae), is a monoecious viney shrub that gives a similar, caffeine-laden substance. This seed ...
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CPC Plant Profile - National Collection of Endangered Plants
... Restoring America's native plants CPC National Collection Plant Profile Ayenia limitaris Family: Sterculiaceae (Cacao Family) Common Names: kidney petal, Texas ayenia Author: Cristobal Growth Habit: Perennial CPC Number ... . It belongs to the Sterculiaceae or Cacao family of plants. Cocoa and chocolate are derived from the seeds of the tropical American tree, Theobroma cacao L. (Correll and Johnston ...

The Families of Native Trees in Southern California
... Family (Agavaceae). Beech Family (Fagaceae). Bignonia Family (Bignoniacae). Birch Family (Betulaceae). Buckeye Family (Hippocastanaceae). Cacao Family (Sterculiaceae). Dogwood Family (Cornaceae). Heath Family (Ericaceae). Honeysuckle Family (Caprifoliaceae). Laurel Family (Lauraceae). Maple Family (Aceraceae). Olive Family (Oleaceae). Palm Family (Palmaceae). Pea Family (Leguminosae). Rose Family ...

The Families of Trees in the Sierra Nevada
... Birch Family (Betulaceae). Buckeye Family (Hippocastanaceae). Buckthorn Family (Rhamnaceae). Cacao Family (Sterculiaceae). Dogwood Family (Cornaceae). Heath Family (Ericaceae). Honeysuckle Family (Caprifoliaceae). Laurel Family (Lauraceae). Maple Family (Aceraceae). Olive Family (Oleaceae). Pea Family (Leguminosae). Rose Family (Rosaceae). Sycamore Family (Platanaceae). Walnut Family (Juglandaceae ...
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... Cacao - Theobroma cacao Taxonomy Origin, history of cultivation Production Botanical description General culture Harvest, post-harvest handling Contribution to diet TAXONOMY Theobroma cacao L. is a member of the Sterculiaceae or Sterculia family ...

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