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VFT in dorm room - Carnivorous Plants Forum - GardenWeb
... 't give him jumper cables! And I certainly wouldn't encourage him to cross a butterwort with a VFT!!! But I DO love his writing style. It's like taking Mr ...

Carnivorous Plants Forum - GardenWeb
... 11 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Mar 27, 06 at 6:56 mexican butterwort question Posted by: back2eight South MS on Sat, Mar 25, 06 at 18:21 11 ...
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Anyone else scooping up those fall bargains at Lowe's/HD? - House Plants Forum - GardenWeb
... was 75% off, good deals to me, two were still flowering, and I found a butterwort plant I had been coveting at Logee's there for about 1/4 of what ...

my carnivorous plants
... only a hardy one in my garden) UTRICULARIA_FOR_IN_THE_GARDEN (hardy) UTRICULARIA FOR INSIDE (not hardy) PINQUICULA BUTTERWORT (I have only a hardy one in my garden) PINQUICULA FOR IN THE GARDEN (hardy ...

... A shiny mist is given to the leaves by sunrays. The butterwort has nicely coloured flowers attached to long, thick and meaty ... The catching mechanism of the Butterwort strongly resembles the Sundew but is less spectacular. In the case of the Butterwort, prey adherses to ... t lose my plants anymore in this way. THE COMMON BUTTERWORT Pinquicula Vulgaris is of fairly widespread occurrence in Europe and ...
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FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Future Flora of North America Volumes
... , foldwing, waterwillow, wild petunia; Sesame family; Trumpet-creeper family + princesstree, crossvine, catalpa, catclawvine; Bladderwort family + butterwort; Sphenoclea family; Bellflower family + lobelia, harebell, bluecup; Goodenia family; Madder family + bedstraw, buttonweed, wild coffee ...

Carnivorous Plants Online - Botanical Society of America
... , Madagascar, and South America. More Genlisea information and images CLICK HERE Family: Lentibulariaceae Genus: Pinguicula Butterwort Currently 79 listed species occupying habitats in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.For ...

Wisconsin Vascular Plants: Search Results
... Yes Lamiaceae Scutellaria parvula Michx. var. parvula small skullcap Yes Lentibulariaceae Pinguicula vulgaris L. common butterwort, violet butterwort Yes Yes Liliaceae Camassia scilloides (Raf.) Cory Atlantic camas, eastern camas, wild-hyacinth Yes ...

Wisconsin Vascular Plants: Search Results
... Map Gallery) Pinguicula (Genus Information, Photo Gallery and Map Gallery) Pinguicula vulgaris L. * + common butterwort, violet butterwort Pinguicula vulgaris L. var. americana A.Gray Utricularia (Genus Information, Photo Gallery and Map Gallery ...
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