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busy lizzie

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Annuals A-Z: Impatiens (Busy lizzies) by Graham Rice
Annuals A-Z: Impatiens (Busy lizzies) by Graham Rice Impatiens (Busy lizzie) Choosing impatiens Impatiens 'Mosaic Lilac' Impatiens 'Accent Violet Star' copyright 1999 Graham Rice. All Rights Reserved. All Images Digitally Watermarked.

Annuals A-Z: Impatiens (Busy Lizzie) 'Mosaic Lilac'by Graham Rice
... Annuals A-Z: Impatiens (Busy Lizzie) 'Mosaic Lilac'by Graham Rice Impatiens (Busy lizzie) Impatiens 'Mosaic Lilac' Type: Half-hardy annual Height: 8-10in (20-25cm) Season: Early summer ... especially in window boxes where the patterning can easily be seen at close quarters. Impatiens (Busy lizzies) A-Z copyright 1998 Graham Rice. All Rights Reserved. All Images Digitally Watermarked.
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... from cuttings, native of New Guinea wallerana (wall-er-aa' nah)--Impatiens, Patient Lucy, Sultana, Busy Lizzie; mounding habit, long bloom, native of eastern Africa; named after Horace Waller, a British missionary ...

Lesser-known Common Names
... • Bunya-Bunya Araucaria bidwillii • Chupachupa Eccremocarpus scaber • Cow-Itch Lagunaria patersonii • Busy Lizzie Impatiens wallerana • Stinking Benjamin Trillium grandiflorum • Obedient Plant Physostegia virginiana • May-Blob ...

Common names starting with 'B'
... -glory (Ipomoea leptophylla) Bush Palmetto (Sabal minor) Bush Penstemon (Penstemon ambiguus) Bushman Candle (Sarcocaulon crassicaule) Busy Lizzie (Impatiens wallerana) Butcher's Broom (Ruscus hypoglossum) Butter Tree (Tylecodon paniculatus) Butterbush (Pittosporum phylliraeoides) Butterfly ...

Pond Plants Selection List semi shade bog/pond edge summer marginal
... St. John' S Wort Semi shade Summer Y 1 Bog/Pond Edge Impatiens Noli - Tangere Busy Lizzie Semi shade Summer Y 4 Bog/Pond Edge Iris Kaempferi Japanese Iris Sun Summer 2 ...
... ] 217. Burros Tail [ Sedum morganianum ] 218. Bush Allamanda [ Allamanda schottii ] 219. Bush Violet [ BROWALLIA ] 220. Busy Lizzie [ Impatiens walleriana holstii ] 221. Butcher's Broom [ Ruscus aculeatus ] 222. Buttercup Flower [ ALLAMANDA ] 223. Butterfly ...

Plant Names
... single species have more than one common name for example Impatiens wallerana is known as "Busy Lizzie" in Britain and "Patient Lucy" in the U.S. For these reasons it is usually ...

Seedling Images
... Prairie Gentian Felicia uliginosa Lavandula Lavender Arenaria balearica Corsican Sandwort Alsobia dianthiflora Impatiens x walleriana Busy Lizzie Alyssum saxatile compactum Pinguicula grandiflora Butterwort Centaurium scilloides Chaerophyllum hirsutum roseum Iberis pruitii Candytuft << BACK ...

Index of Plants
... ~ Seedling Bush Clock Vine - Thunbergia erecta Seed Bush Violet - Browallia speciosa Germination ~ Seedpod ~ Seed ~ Seedling Busy Lizzie - Impatiens x walleriana Seedpod ~ Seed ~ Seedling ~ Flower Butterfly Bush - Buddleja davidii Germination ~ Seedpod ~ Seed ~ Seedling ...
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