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branch ramification

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Fukien Tea
... alone. Wire should not be left on over three months. Its small leaves and fine branch ramification make it ideal for miniature bonsai. Ehretia anacua does not ramify as well, and its ...

Ficus sp.
... Ficus benjamina 'Natasha' Ficus benjamina 'Too Little' Ficus buxifolia - Small, triangular leaves and very good branch ramification for Ficus. Its small green fruit rarely ripens in temperate climates. Ficus carica: common ... less). Will lose leaves if overwatered. It is usually best to prune after a new branch has developed 10-12 leaves. For main branches the technique is different: F. buxifolia ...
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Training Black Pines for Bonsai
... tree from an existing branch. Aside from the styling aspects, which I will leave for later, the two rules for branch development are very simple, but the full ramification of these rules took me three years of experimentation to truly understand. These are Naka's rules for branch development: Pruning ...

Growing Black Pines for Bonsai
... needle. This kind of pruning can be used when you have branch or branch section in just the right spot, but the internodal distance ... candle instead of the candle at its base to achieve ramification. They might even remove various fractions of the candles, one half, ... this technique to get more than one set of forked branches (ramification) in a single season. I think this technique is probably best ...
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