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branch club

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Fuchsia Articles
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Branch Directory
... Branch Directory Branch / Club Directory Visitors Allways Welcomed Crescent City - 3rd Wednesday - Potluck at 6:00 p.m. before ... -mail contact Affiliated Society Eugene Fuchsia & Begonia Society - 2nd Tuesday - 7:30 p.m. Garden Club, 1645 High St.,Eugene, OR (541) 935-2482 e-mail contact

Pacific Coast Fuchsia Societies
Pacific Coast Fuchsia Societies Pacific Coast Fuchsia Societies British Columbia, Canada B.C. Fuchsia and Begonia Society Greater Victoria Geranium & Fuchsia Society California Crescent City Branch Eureka Branch Vallejo Branch Oregon Southwest Portland Fuchsia Club Washington Northwest Fuchsia Society

Garden Club Membership Incentives 2
... and fertilizing” of another kind. What sort of “fertilizer” will give the Branch a jump-start? Would a pruning demonstration at a nursery attract ... that will cover the various aspects of growing. Santa Clara Valley Branch has been successful with workshop type programs for pruning, taking ... he can print four to a page. He takes them between club meetings so we all know what other groups are doing. ...

Garden Club Membership incentives 1
... contact names and numbers. Spring garden club sales are popular and many groups, such as Master Gardeners, invite other clubs to participate, too. A Branch could set up an information table only ... them completely because the message gets stale when the messenger is too familiar. Keeping a Branch active is hard work. Gaining new members takes time and planning. Keeping them requires friendly ...

Sharing Garden Club Information
... about half the members and saves the branch the cost of postage. More importantly, it helps keep the membership current on upcoming projects, special events, club needs and also gives fuchsia growing ... light, we also have a webpage loaded with information about fuchsias and details of our club. Check out . Don Helsel Crescent City Branch, AFS Hummingbird Herald Editor

Fuchsia Gall Mite Time for a Change
... ? Donald Helsel Crescent City Branch The year 2004 has not been the best of years for the Crescent City Branch. For the first time ... what our branch is doing. In our programs we intend to emphasize the mite resistant qualities of species type plants. Our club project plants ... we complete the list. We hope this is a start for our branch, and we hope other branches follow suit, emphasizing the need to ...

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... to be our program presenter later that evening, at our monthly meeting. In addition to Branch members, retired Parks Gardener Darrell Graham and his wife Joyce were there, and Darrell recalled ... pleasure he derived in working with Chuck and other Branch members who tended the fuchsias on Thursday mornings for many, many years. Club member Joe Dektor also shared his appreciation and admiration ...

... Reviving Fuchsia Popularity: Sowing Seeds of Success Peter Baye, Ph.D. Annapolis, California, Vallejo Branch Many AFS members have spoken about the decline in AFS membership, and possibly a declining ... fuchsias, not just to promote knowledge and lore of fuchsias to an inner circle of club members. To succeed at broadening the popularity and appreciation of fuchsias, we simply need an ...