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Brachystelma stenophyllum
Brachystelma stenophyllum Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings / Brachystelma stenophyllum Author - Tomas Kriz

... Brachystelma Brachystelma Brachystelma namaquensis Brachystelma was first described by Robert Brown in 1822, with a coloured plate of B. tuberosum ... purpose of this unusual perfume is to attract flies - often blowflies - to pollinate the flowers. Brachystelma meyerianum Cultivation The rot-sensitive tubers are generally grown on the surface of a gritty ... Asclepiadaceae, Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants by Focke Albers and Ulrich Meve
... are covered in their entirety. The most species-rich assemblages are Ceropegia (lantern flowers) and Brachystelma. For the latter a complete generic treatment is presented for the first time. The handbook ...

Angiosperm Families - Asclepiadaceae R.Br.
... , Amblystigma, Anatropanthus, Anisopus, Anisotoma, Anomotassa, Araujia, Asclepias, Aspidoglossum, Astephanus, Barjonia, Belostemma, Bidaria, Biondia, Blepharodon, Blyttia, Brachystelma, Calotropis, Campestigma, Caralluma, Ceropegia, Cibirhiza, Cionura, Clemensiella, Conomitra, Cordylogyne, Corollonema, Cosmostigma, Costantina, Cyathostelma, Cynanchum, Dactylostelma ... Overview of families and genera
... ) Anacardiaceae Cyrtocarpus (1), Pachycormus (1), Operculicaria (1) Apocynaceae Adenium (1), Pachypodium (13), Plumeria (5) Asclepiadaceae Brachystelma (53), Caralluma (cca 90), Ceropegia (65), Cynanchum (24), Diplocyatha (1), Dischidia (3), Duvalia (20), Duvaliandra ...

Succulents plants and caudiciforms (Caudex)
... succulentum coll. G. Ardisson Plumeria sp Cuba ph . G. Ardisson Asclepiadaceae Angoluma venenosa coll. Manetti Brachystelma barberae coll. JE Monaco; ph J.M. Solichon Caralluma burchardi coll. JE Monaco; ph J ...

CSSA Journal 1996 No 1
... Journal 1996 No 1 CSSA VOL.68 JANUARY-FEBRUARY, 1996 No.1 An unusually beautiful brachystelma (Asclepiadaceae): B. maritae, from Tanzania Ralph Peckover Camote del cerro: an edible caudiciform dioscorea from ...

Cactus and Succulent Society of America - Journal 1997 No 3
... , a new species from Somalia J. J. Lavranos Cacti & Succulents for the Amateur Duke Benadom Brachystelma albipilosum, a new dwarf species from Zimbabwe Ralph Peckover How fast can a saguaro reach ...
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Au Cactus Francophone : Photos - Galerie B1
... pedicellata Blossfeldia sp. Blossfeldia sp. Blossfeldia subterranea KK1505 Blossfeldia subterranea KK1505 Bowiea volubilis Brachystelma caffrum Brachystelma filifolia Brachystelma longifolium Brachystelma nanum Brachystelma remotum Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis Brighamia insignis Browningia candelaris Browningia candelaris ...

Central Arizona Cactus and Succulent Society - CACSS Library Catalog
... . Sloan & G. W. Reynolds. Succulents for the Amateur. (1955, 172 pp). Bruyns, P. V. Ceropegia, Brachystelma & Tenaria in South West Africa. Dinteria #17, (1984, 84 pp). Carter, S. Flora of Tropical ... DINTERIA: Journal of the Namibia Scientific Society No. 17, July 1984. Bruyns et al. Ceropegia, Brachystelma & Tenaria in SW Africa. HASELTONIA: Yearbook of C&S Society. No. 1, 1993. Contributions of ...

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