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borrmann affirm

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The Philadelphia Rose Society
... Borrmann Signature Princess Ken Borrmann Gemini Prince Ken Borrmann Moonstone Duchesse Ken Borrmann Affirm White Rose Trophy Ken Borrmann Crystalline Budd Rigg Bowl Kevin Glaes Marilyn Monroe Atkiss-Hynes Trophy No blues President's Trophy Ken Borrmann Affirm ...

The Philadelphia Rose Society
... BOWL (ARS TRAVELING TROPHY)- Ken Borrmann- Mavrik, Cajun Sunrise, Affirm, Signature, Dr. Bob Harvey J. HORACE McFARLAND PENN-JERSEY DISTRICT MEMORIAL TROPHY- Ken Borrmann- Cajun Sunrise, Crystalline, Moonstone, ... Borrmann- Moonstone King of show- Glen & Donna Smith- Gemini Princess of show- Michael Wrightstone- Double Delight Prince of show- Ken Borrmann- Dublin Duchess of show- Ken Borrmann- Affirm ...
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Local Rose Show Results
... Voorhees NJ West Jersey RS Queen Gemini Borrmann, Ken King Dr Bob Harvey Borrmann, Ken Princess Crystalline Borrmann, Ken Court Dublin Borrmann, Ken Court Affirm Borrmann, Ken Fl Bloom Nicole Kozemchak, Bill & ... , Frank Mini-Flora Queen Tiffany Lynn Szilagyi, Ernie & Diane Mini-Flora King Conundrum Borrmann, Ken Mini-Flora Princess Memphis King Catron, Stacey Mini-Flora Spray Ruffian Kozemchak, Bill ...

National & District Rose Show Results
... Hershey Bowl Ken Borrmann 'Affirm', 'Dr Bob Harvey', 'Cajun Sunrise', 'Mavrik', 'Signature' Penn-Jersey District Trophies J. Horace McFarland District Memorial Trophy Ken Borrmann 'Cajun Sunrise', 'Crystalline', ... Horticulture: Queen Moonstone Borrmann, Ken King Gemini Smith, Glen & Donna Princess Double Delight Wrightstone, Michael Prince Dublin Borrmann, Ken Duchess Affirm Borrmann, Ken Fl Bloom ...
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