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bloom master planter kit

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Bloom Master Planters
... Bloom Master Planter or Bloom Master Planter Kit: 1 10"Bloom Master Planter Green $14.95 3 10"Bloom Master Planters Green $27.95 5 10"Bloom Master Planters Green $38.95 1 14"Bloom Master Planter Green $25.95 3 14"Bloom Master ...

... visit ATTRA. Bloom Master Planter Kits In addition to either the 10 inch or 14 inch planter (shown above), these kits include enough Organic Gro Container Mix to fill the planter and a 32 ounce concentrate bottle of MetaNatural Bloom Formula Fertilizer (perfect for berries!). For more information or to order order a Bloom Master Planter Kit click here. Strawberry ...
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