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English [9] Spanish [1] Weed Listing (Field Bindweed)
... ) Field bindweed is a summer perennial member of the morning glory family. The leaves of field bindweed are arrowhead shaped and appear alternately on long creeping stems. Field bindweed has an ... underground. The flower of field bindweed are white to pink funnel shaped approximately one inch across. Field bindweed spreads by either seed or rhizomes. Field bindweed is found throughout the United ...

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Enlarged ViewHedge Bindweed Flower Use your web browser's Back button to return to the previous page.

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Enlarged ViewHedge bindweed leaves alternate on the stem Use your web browser's Back button to return to the previous page.
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Convolvulus arvensis Field bindweed
... Convolvulus arvensis Field bindweed SECCIONES DE " BOTANICAL " Diccionario botánica Plantas medicinales ( Medicina natural ) Plantas (Estudio) Mi jardín ( Técnicas de ... la web Close-up photography Macrofotografía Glossary / Glosario "Convolvulus arvensis L." Convolvulus arvensis L. - Field bindweed Perennial herb of the binweed family - Convolvulaceae - till to 2 m. long. Clambering or creeping ...

Field bindweed
... A detail of the plant with the flowers Common noun: Field bindweed Scientific noun:Convolvulus arvensis L. Family. Bindweed family -Convolvulaceae- Habitat: By the side of the paths, grasslands and cultivated lands. Characteristics :Perennial herb of the bindweed family - Convolvulaceae - till to 2 m. long. Clambering or creeping liana growing from slim ...
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... Bindweed, Greater - Herb Profile and Information Bindweed, Greater Calystegia sepium Click on graphic for larger image Bindweed, Greater Botanical: Convolvulus sepium Description ---Synonyms---Hedge Convolvulus. Old Man's Night Cap. Hooded Bindweed ... - A Modern Herbal | Bindweed, Jalap - Herb Profile and Information
... : Convolvulus Jalapa (LINN.) Description Medicinal Action and Uses Preparations ---Synonym---Ipomea purga ---Habitat---The Jalap Bindweed (C. Jalapa, Linn.), but more often called Ipomea Jalapa or purga, is a native of ... of the most important members of the order economically is C. Batatas, the tuberous-rooted Bindweed, or SWEET POTATO, the roots of which abound in starch and sugar and form a ...
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Field Bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis
... Bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis :: Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) :: Back Next This prolific, persistent and ... live in the soil for up to 50 years before germinating. Bindweed seeds are not readily cleaned from crop and they are, thus, ... August 2001. IN A NUTSHELL :: General Information :: Common English name: Field Bindweed Common Greek name: N/A Type of plant: Creeping perennial herb Flowering ...

A Modern Herbal - Editor's Introduction
... 's, point of view. Herbalists talk about Jalap and Black Haw, but to the uninitiated Bindweed and Guelder Rose are far more familiar, and it is under these names that they ...

OSU Extension Service and Agricultural Research Station News
... practices to help ease the environmental impacts of treating roof moss. Field bindweed can be a gardener's nightmare Field bindweed (Latin name: Convolvulus arvensis) is a deep-rooted perennial is in ... spreads by seed and a deep, extensive root system. Scientists have reported that seed from bindweed can persist in soil for up to 60 years and its roots can grow up ...

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