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... relative and immediate ancestor. The ancestor crop of today's beet occurs widely over the Mediterranean lands, Asia Minor, the Caucasus, ... rarity at that time in northern Europe. (That improved beet was called "Roman beet" in the 16th century in northern Europe and France, ... in America are of more recent introduction. Colors of modern garden-beet varieties can range all the way from an extremely dark ...

The Gardener's Network - Vegetables : How to Grow Beets
... to cut uniform slices. There is also an uncommon white beet. Planting: Plant Beet seeds thinly, 1/2 inch deep. After germination, thin ... squirrels and a few other pests will sometimes nibble on your Beet crop. Disease: Mildew and leaf spots are an occasional problem. Treat ... as you go. Beets are tender when young. A big round beet will look really impressive, but will certainly not taste impressive, ...

Growing vegetables on Leeds allotments - Beetroot
... short rows at 4 week intervals to get a plentiful supply of the smaller sweeter beet; but I do no more than two sowings. However, sowing a few different varieties spaces ...

P and P Seed: Beet
... P and P Seed: Beet Bean Beet Brian Moore’s Flowers Cabbage Cantaloupe Carrot Corn Cucumber Giant Pumpkin Growing Supplies Giant Tomato ... View complete product description and full size image by selecting the product title. Long Season Beet Code: GBEET Price: $4.50 Quantity in Basket: none

P and P Seed: Long Season Beet
... P and P Seed: Long Season Beet Bean Beet Brian Moore’s Flowers Cabbage Cantaloupe Carrot Corn Cucumber Giant Pumpkin Growing Supplies Giant Tomato ... - Special Selection 2005 World Record - Special Selection 2006 World Record - Special Selection 2002 Long Season Beet Quantity in Basket: none Code: GBEET Price: $4.50 Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds Quantity ...
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Heirloom, Open Pollinated, Non-hybrid Beet Seeds from the Victory Seed Company
... firm records of their existence before the 1600s, what we call a "beet" was known as a "Blood Turnip" until the late 1880s. Because ... 50 to 80 seeds per gram. Boltardy 60 days — A Detroit-type beet from Holland that has deep-red, ringless flesh and is high resistant ... maroon and reach a height of ten to twelve inches. This beet also holds their shape well when crowded. An "All-American Selection®" ...

Beet Production in Florida
... Whole Document Navigator (Click Here) ---------------------------------- Top of Document Footnotes Disclaimer Copyright Infomation Beet Production in Florida Beet Production in Florida1 G.J. Hochmuth, D.N. Maynard, C.S. Vavrina ... be found at . Keywords: beet, beta vulgaris, Chenopodiaceae Photo gallery: Fig. 1. Cleaned table beets with fresh tops. ...

The Beet Leafminer
... questions, your leafy vegetables might be infested with beet leafminer. Description: The adult beet leafminer is a grey fly, approximately 7 mm ... as small, black specks inside the leaf. Life Cycle: The beet leafminer, also known as the spinach leafminer, overwinter as pupae ... of aphids and leafhopper on crops such as spinach, beet greens and swiss chard. REFERENCES: University of Alberta, Insect Pests ...

New Disease Reports - First report of sugar beet crown wart disease caused by Urohphlyctis leproides in Egypt
... 1997). No symptoms were observed on uninoculated controls. This is the first report of sugar beet crown wart disease ( U. leproides) affecting B. vulgaris in Egypt. Acknowledgements The authors would ... 118 : 1288-12 89. Whitney ED, 1971. The first confirmable occurrence of Urophlyctis leproides sugar beet in North America. Plant Disease Reporter 55 : 30-32. The British Society for Plant Pathology

Growing vegetables on Leeds allotments - Chard, Leaf Beet
... Rhubarb Chard for colour, Swiss Chard for flavour) or Spinach Beet. Shallow drills, 15 inches apart, in any reasonably rich soil, ... September next year. Back to top Using Chard and Leaf Beet Wash them lightly in cold water, cut out the central rib ... Spring Always reliable. Back to top Growing Calendar - Chard and Leaf Beet Timings are based on my allotment in Yorkshire; southerners will start earlier ...

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