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bearing areola

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John Merle Coulter
... , with a broad wool-bearing groove or simply a more or less evident tomentulose apical areola: spine-bearing areola obsolete: flower-bearing areola at the summit of the lower peduncle-like portion of the very young tubercle (thus appearing axillary with reference to the exposed part of the tubercle) and bearing ...

A New System of the Genus Ariocarpus
... of horny tubercles, rosette arrangement, relatively small central flowers from the wool bearing central areoles and smooth fruit almost hidden in the wool. In Cactaceae 134 ... ) pro gen.J. Corpus subglobosum; tubercula elongata, truncata; areola apicalis, spinosa. Stem subglobose; tubercles elongate, truncate; apical areola spined. Type: A. denegrii (Fric) Marshall. Ariocarpus denegrii (Fric ...
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