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aztekium hintonii

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Aztekium hintonii
... Aztekium (Discovered in 1929 by F. Ritter, in Rayones, Nuevo León, Mexico) contains only two species, it was thought to be monotypic (with Aztekium ritteri) until a second species (Aztekium hintonii) was discovered in 1990 by George S. Hinton, in Galeana, Nuevo Leon… … The Aztekium Clade (consisting of Aztekium and ...

PlanetaCactus: Aztekium hintonii
... Aztekium hintonii Home :: Cactus Cards :: Cactus Info :: Sales :: Forums :: Links :: Contact Acanthocalycium Aporocactus Ariocarpus Astrophythum Aztekium Blossfeldia Browningia Carnegiea Cephalocereus Cereus Chamaecereus Cleistocactus ... Weingartia Yavia Zygocactus Web PlanetaCactus Forums, Register now More info... Aztekium hintonii Glass & Fitz Maurice Place of origin: Mexico, state of Nuevo Leon. ...

... This site will be regularly updated with pictures and information. Last updates October 31 2006 Aztekium hintonii October 31 2006 Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus October 29 2006 Stapelia gigantea October 28 2006 Gymnocalycium ragonesii ...

Other cacti in the Northern hemisphere
... similar to Gymnocactus viereckii, but more beutiful than it. Pelecyphora asselliformis f. monstrosa Obregonia denegrii Aztekium ritteri Strombocactus disciformis Aztekium hintonii f. monstrosa Return to Index page

Menashe's page
... more familiar plants are: Uebelmannia Lophophora sub-species bearing seven different flower colors Strombocactus Aztekium ritteri and Aztekium hintonii Geohintonia Encephalocarpus Up to now - and I intend to continue doing so in the ...

Shmuel's Page
... unavoidable. Aztekium hintonii An extremely rare plant, discovered in 1991 in Mexico by Hinton, the Mexican explorer. Until then, Aztekium was believed to be a monotypic genus, comprised only of Aztekium ritteri. ... mexicana A rare plant, discovered by Hinton of Mexico about the time he discovered Aztekium hintonii in 1991 in Mexico. This plant is zealously protected by the Mexican Government because ...
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Photo gallery of all Cactus (cacti) genera. New version
... G. Ardisson Ariocarpus bravoanus hintonii coll. G. Ardisson Ariocarpus bravoanus hintonii coll. G. Ardisson Ariocarpus confusus coll. G. Ardisson Ariocarpus v. hintonii coll. P. ... Ardisson Austrocylindropuntia subulata coll G. Ardisson Austrocylindropuntia vestita Aztekium Aztekium hintonii Aztekium ritterii coll.G.Ardisson Aztekium ritterii ph G. Ardisson Backebergia Backebergia militaris La Havana ...

The Cactus File Magazine - Sample Article
... Sample Article Reproduced from the August 1996 edition of The Cactus File Magazine Not forgetting Aztekium ritteri By Bill Weightman For years it reigned as the most revered of the ... discovery and description of Aztekium hintonii has rather upstaged Aztekium ritteri, the plant that was once, for many growers, the ultimate aristocrat of the cactus family. The original Aztekium was described by ...

Aztekium Aztekium hintonii ritteri

PlanetaCactus: Aztekium
... Thelocactus Trichocereus Uebelmannia Weingartia Yavia Zygocactus Web PlanetaCactus Forums, Register now More info... Aztekium This genera was created by Boedeker in 1929 and includes two species. The ... the ribs, remember the drawing of some original sculptures of this empire. A. hintonii A. ritteri ..:::Version en español..::: Forums: Latest posts Copyright © 2003 - 2005 PlanetaCactus. All ...

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