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autumn damask

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Autumn Damask Rose
... Autumn Damask Rose Also known as: 'Quatre Saisons', 'Four Seasons Rose', 'Rose of Castile' Introduced: Ancient Class: Damask Zones: 4-9 (marginal in Zone 4) Parentage: 'R. gallica' x 'R. moschata' ... brought repeat bloom to Europe, they were not reliably cold hardy in northern reaches. 'Autumn Damask', introduced into Europe almost two thousand years (yes, twenty centuries) before either China or ...

NZ Gardens ONLINE - Damask Roses
NZ Gardens ONLINE - Damask Roses Autumn Damask Damask Roses Rose Index

Autumn Damask
... Autumn Damask web hosting domain names photo sharing Autumn Damask Damask Perpetual aka: Bifera, Four Seasons, R. damascena bifera, Quatre Saisons, R. damascena semperflorens The name Autumn Damask suits this rose well. It blooms ... mostly in the late summer/early fall. The pointed buds, with their long, typical damask sepals open into loose, light pink blooms are intensely fragrant. The bush is ...

Heritage Rose Foundation: Does Autumn Damask Ever Produce White Flowers?
... Autumn Damask Ever Produce White Flowers? Does Autumn Damask Ever Produce White... back to HRF website | Log Out | Topics | Search Moderators | Register | Edit Profile Heritage Rose Foundation » Ask the experts » Does Autumn Damask Ever ... 2006 - 02:07 am: Did they have reddish-brown "moss" all over the buds? Autumn Damask occasionally sports to become 'Perpetual White Moss'. I've seen it happen a ...

July 2003 Newsletter
... Autumn Damasks.  The Summer Damasks bloom only once, in spring or early summer, while the Autumn Damasks repeat in the fall.  The Autumn Damask ... rose that flowers twice a year--the Autumn Damask. The Damask class of roses consists of large shrubs with ... Damask rose fragrance. ‘Quatre Saisons’ (aka Rosa damascene bifera, ‘Rose of the Four Seasons’) Ancient.  This is the repeat flowering Autumn Damask ...

November 2003 Newsletter
... others say it may be or may be related to the Autumn Damask rose.  The number of rose varieties may have been limited ... white rose (an Alba) and the Centifolia.  Speculation exists that the Autumn Damask might also have been grown. The earliest rose concoctions were ... Crusades introduced new roses into Europe, including new strains of Damask and Gallica roses.  Devout pilgrims to the Holy Lands often ...
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Damask Roses on the Rose Garden
... in the modern rose, few of which approach the subtlety and complexity of the Damask fragrance. We see damask fragrance as being quintessentially 'old rose', reminiscent of grandmothers, of hand cream and ... are some favourite Damasks from our garden - click on pictures to see an enlargement. The Autumn Damask R. damascena bifera 'Quatre Saisons' This ancient rose is the odd one out, in that ... - Classification List
... Damask (OGR): Autumn Damask / Quatre Saisons mp Medium Pink, Damask (OGR) 1819 Bella Donna lp Light Pink, Damask (OGR) 1848 Blush Damask lp Light Pink, Damask (OGR) 1759 Botzaris w White & White blend, Damask (OGR) 1856 Celsiana lp Light Pink, Damask ...

damask roses at
... Don't let lack of remontancy stop you from including a Damask or two as they are lovely and historic roses, attractive in ... more than once a season were unknown...except for one rose, Autumn Damask, which might put on a second, smaller display in fall. Damasks ... of the parts, but in general, Damasks are once blooming (remember Autumn Damask which may bloom more than once as season?), tall (5-6 ...

Crested Damask
... Hyb Musks Hyb Perpetuals Miniatures Centifolias Moss Roses Modern Shrubs Site Index Email Crested Damask. Bred by Paul Barden, 2003 Breeding: 'Marbrée' X 'Crested Jewel'. In 2002, I crossed ... 2002 Comte de Chambord Mme Hardy (Felicité Hardy) Crested Damask Marie Louise Hebe's Lip Portland from Glendora Indigo R. damascena bifera (Autumn Damask) Jacques Cartier R. damascena semperflorens La Ville de ...

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