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atala butterfly

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Florida Coonties and Atala Butterflies
... PEST MANAGEMENT ATALA BUTTERFLY LEGAL STATUS ATALA CONTROL ATALA GARDENING REFERENCES -Coontie -Atala Butterfly Footnotes Disclaimer Copyright Infomation Florida Coonties and Atala Butterflies Florida Coonties and Atala Butterflies1 Daniel ... Plate 2. Plate 3. ATALA BUTTERFLY An occasional insect found on the coontie is the larva of the Atala butterfly (Eumaeus atala), once thought to be extinct ...

Fairchild Reaches Out To South Florida Communities in Restoring Plant Habitats
... and butterfly re-introduction project for Everglades National Park. The National Park has over 50 species of butterflies, many of which are tropical species. The Atala butterfly (Eumaeus atala), found in the parks pinelands, is a rare species that Dr. Perry has been working on reintroducing to South Florida using Atala larvae and pupae ...

The Coontie of Florida
... cones do emit some sort of odor not obvious to humans. The larvae of the atala butterfly feeds on the leaves of the coontie in south Florida, where the larvae of the ...

Butterfly Gardening
Butterfly Gardening Butterfly Gardening Florida Coonties and Atala Butterflies Getting Started in Butterfly Gardening Butterflies Return to... Landscaping for Wildlife Home Garden Crops

What host plants are grown to feed caterpillars? -
... plant, then nobody on our forum can vouch for any specific plant. If a butterfly in the list below has no numbered plant, research the plant family shown for ... family, polygonaceae 1. Eriogonum spp. buckwheat Atala - Zamia family, zamiaceae Great Purple (or Blue) Hairstreak - Mistletoe family, loranthaceae Harvester - In America, our only carnivorous butterfly. They feed on woolly aphids of ...

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