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arecaceae anu

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Pollen and Spore Images Lycophyta
... Araceae ANU Elaeis guineensis Palmae APD Hyphaene-type Palmae APD Phoenix dactylifera -type Palmae APD Pothos Araceae ANU Schizocasia Araceae ANU ARECACEAE Calamus Arecaceae ANU Calyptrocalyx Arecaceae ANU Kentia Arecaceae ANU Linospadix Arecaceae ANU Livistona Arecaceae ANU Metroxylon Arecaceae ANU Normanbya Arecaceae ANU Nypa Arecaceae ANU Ptychosperma Arecaceae ANU Trithrinax Arecaceae ANU ...

Catalog for ANU Pollen Collection
... ANU Pollen Collection Australian National University Pollen Database Geoff Hope After the ... Agathis Araucariaceae Araucaria Araucariaceae ARECACEAE Calamus Arecaceae Calyptrocalyx Arecaceae Kentia Arecaceae Linospadix Arecaceae Livistona Arecaceae Metroxylon Arecaceae Normanbya Arecaceae Nypa Arecaceae Ptychosperma Arecaceae Trithrinax Arecaceae ASCLEPIADACEAE Streptocaulon Asclepiadaceae ...
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