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arctostaphylos manzanita ssp

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Dicots, Part 2
... north-facing, wooded slopes and deep canyons. Arctostaphylos glandulosa. Eastwood Manzanita. Shrub. Arctostaphylos tomentosa. Shaggy-barked Manzanita. Shrub. Euphorbiaceae: Spurge Family Eremocarpus setigerus. Turkey- ... -herb. American Willow-herb. Perennial. Along Carmel River. Epilobium canum ssp. angustifolium (Zauschneria californica). California-fuchsia. Mexican Balsamea. Perennial. On cliffs ...

Tsuga mertensiana (Bong
... (Tsuga mertensiana/Luzula hitchcockii) and mountain hemlock/prince's-pine-pinemat manzanita (T. mertensiana/Chimaphila umbellata-Arctostaphylos nevadensis) communities have ranges in site index of 7 to 14 m ... -California border south were recently given subspecific status as Tsuga mertensiana (Bong.) Carr. ssp. grandicona Farjon, in recognition of the generally larger cones of trees in this region ...

Gardening with Native Plants by Wallace W Hansen Native Plants of the Northwest
... ssp. (Red & Mountain Huckleberry) Berries eaten by doves, jays, orioles, sparrows. Hummingbirds and bees extract nectar. Evergreen shrubs for large and small habitats Arctostaphylos columbiana (Hairy Manzanita) Fruit eaten by quail, grouse, raccoons, coyotes, squirrels, deer. Hummingbirds and bees extract nectar. Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ( ...

Section 6
... parryi Parry’s Agave Low Sun to lt. shade Arctostaphylos pringlei Pringle’s manzanita Low Sun to lt. shade Arctostaphylos pungens Mexican manzanita Low Sun to lt. shade Atriplex canescens Fourwing Saltbush ... Low to moderate Sun Cleome lutea var. jonesii Yellow beeplant Low Sun Corydalis aurea ssp. occidentalis Golden Corydalis Low Sun to lt. shade Erigeron divergens Spreading Fleabane Low Sun ...

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