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apical spine

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Turbinicarpus Information Exchange - Description of T. knuthianus
... , in older however and especially in the apex with white wool, which continues around the spine bundle with short, but robust wool. The real areole somewhat elliptical and hardly 1 to ... thin needle-like, smooth, stiff, horizontally spreading, somewhat curved to the body and in the apical areoles often slightly yellowish, but without nodular thickening. Central spines only one, from the top ...

Turbinicarpus Information Exchange - Description of T. lophophoroides var. jauernigii
... the new growth covered with long white, silky hairs, later becoming bare. Only a single spine, arising from the lower part of the areole, erect and curving slightly towards the apex ... long, which disappear later, so that the mature plant only has the erect central spine. Flowers arising from apical areoles, wide funnel-shaped, 15 x 25 mm. Sepals narrow lanceolate, light tan ...

Turbinicarpus Information Exchange - Description of T. saueri
... some rudiment of wool in a very short furrow above the spine bundle. Radial spines about 12-14, horizontally spread out, needle-like ... and whiteish green. Outer petals linear-lanceolate with short, sharp brownish spine like tip, sharp edged, 10 mm long and 2 mm broad ... lobes, standing above the anthers. Fruit small and hidden in the apical wool. Seeds about 1 mm wide, pear shaped, above dark reddish ...