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Anopterus glandulosus Labill.
... Anopterus glandulosus Labill. Anopterus glandulosus Labill. Saxifragaceae Evergreen shrub, 2-4 m high (sometimes 10 m in its habitat). ... . Home: Tasmania Other views: None Cultivated: France Author: Frédéric Tournay Not found! Ethnobotanical aspects of Anopterus glandulosus by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list

Growing Native Plants Home Page
... Alphitonia excelsa Alyogyne huegelii Amorphophallus paeoniifolius Angophora costata Angophora hispida Anigozanthos 'Dwarf Delight' Anigozanthos flavidus Anopterus glandulosus Aphanopetalum resinosum Astartea fascicularis Austromyrtus dulcis B Babingtonia 'Howies Feather Tips' Backhousia citriodora Baeckea ...

The Plant Kaleidoscope
... .) Harms Alangium platanifolium Harms Allocasuarina paludosa (Sieber ex Spreng.) L. Johnson Alnus nepalensis D. Don Anopterus glandulosus Labill. Amorpha fruticosa L. Apios americana Medic. Aralia elata (Miq.) Seem. Araucaria araucana (Mol ...

Pollen and Spore Images Anthophyta
... SEM APMRU Vaccinium stamineum Ericaceae SEM APMRU Wittsteinia Ericaceae ANU ESCALLONIACEAE Abrophyllum Escalloniaceae ANU Anopterus Escalloniaceae ANU Anopterus glandulosus Escalloniaceae NSW Argophyllum Escalloniaceae ANU Astilbe Escalloniaceae ANU Carpodetus Escalloniaceae ANU Corokia Escalloniaceae ...

Catalog for ANU Pollen Collection
... Ericaceae Gaultheria Ericaceae Pernettya Ericaceae Rhododendron Ericaceae Wittsteinia Ericaceae ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon Eriocaulaceae ESCALLONIACEAE Abrophyllum Escalloniaceae Anopterus Escalloniaceae Argophyllum Escalloniaceae Astilbe Escalloniaceae Carpodetus Escalloniaceae Corokia Escalloniaceae Cuttsia Escalloniaceae Polyosma Escalloniaceae Polysoma Escalloniaceae ...
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Royal Horticultural Society - Plants: Trees & shrubs
... on cultivated species of Euonymus. The New Plantsman 3(4): 238-243. Dunlop, G. 2000. Anopterus: an Escallonia relative in cultivation. The New Plantsman 7(1): 24-29. Gardiner, J. 1996 ...

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