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alternate host patrinia

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Daylily Rust
... a significant problem in colder zones unless, perhaps, it can utilize the alternate host, Patrinia, as it does in Asia. Some people are also concerned that daylily ... , Australia Daylily Rust in Hawaii Images of Patrinia, the alternate host Patrinia Rust in Japan Patrinia sibirica and Patrinia villosa Patrinia rupestris - Oleg Kosterin image Patrinia scabiosifolia - Oleg Kosterin image Rust Diseases ...

Daylily Dictionary: Rust, Daylily Rust
... to a plant of the alternate host, Patrinia, which is a perennial plant also of Asian origin. After completing the next stage of the life cycle on a Patrinia plant, the rust can ... information on the life cycle (including images of the rust on the alternate host, Patrinia), fungicide information, a list of reported host species, images of the leaf peeling process for new plants, contact information ...

Plant pathologist: Know source of daylilies to avoid deadly rust
... plant need to infect a plant of the genus Patrinia. Though not common in Minnesota, Patrinia are occasionally sold as "golden valerian" and successfully grown here, says Beckerman. After daylily rust infests Patrinia, it is able to sexually reproduce. This gives it greater genetic diversity. "Without the alternate Patrinia host ...