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agastache species

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Photos of Annual Species in Our Garden
... Photos of Annual Species in Our Garden Annuals in our garden Dimorphoteca 'Salmon Queen' You'll see a Glen' ... . To view with frames click here A, B, C, D, E Acroclinium 'Pierrot White' (Helipterum) Agastache mexicana (Mexican Giant Hyssop) Alonsoa warscewiczii compacta (Mask Flower) Anagallis monellii (Pimpernel) Anchusa capensis 'Blue ...

Photos of Perennial Species in our Garden
... Achillea serbica (Yarrow) Achillea tomentosa (Woolly Yarrow) Acinos alpinus (Alpine Calamint) Agastache rupestris (Sunset Hyssop) Ajuga reptans (Bugleweed) Allium beesianum (Ornamental Onion) Allium ... T thru Z Tanacetum haradjanii (Tansy) Townsendia exscapa (Low Townsendia) Tulipa tarda (Species Tulip) Veronica allionii (Alpine Speedwell) Veronica austriaca 'Trehane' (Hungarian Speedwell) Veronica ...

Agastache mexicana
... Agastache mexicana Agastache mexicana Bees enjoying a feed on the plant in the left photo. Clump of several ... annual. Positives for this plant are it's a magnet for bees, and, like most species of Agastache it has very pleasant smelling foliage. On the downside - its flowers aren't very ...