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ASGAP - Frequently Asked Questions
... orchids in containers as well as plants like Rhododendron lochiae, Tripladenia cunninghamii (bush lily) and Agapetes meiniana (red bells). Not all of the above will be suited to all climates and ...

Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants - Photo Gallery
... Adenanthos obovatus Jug flower Photograph [30k] Description Adiantum hispidulum Rough maidenhair fern Photograph [42k] Description Agapetes meiniana Agapetes Photograph [30k] Description Agastachys odorata White waratah Photograph [48k] Description Agonis flexuosa Willow myrtle ...
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Chinese Names in MO Publications
... . Two new species of Primula from China. (PDF) HUANG Suhua, SUN Hang & ZHOU Zhekun. 1998. Agapetes subsessilifolia (Ericaceae), a New Species from the Eastern Himalayas HWANG S. M. 1994. Styrax faberi ...

Alpine Garden Society
... Adesmia Adiantum Adlumia Adonis Adoxa Aeginetia Aegopodium Aeonium Aesculus Aethionema Afghanistan Afro-alpine(S) Agapanthus Agapetes Agastache Agave Agoseris AGS Aguaria Aichryson Ainsliaea Ajania Ajuga Albania Albuca Alcea Alchemilla Alectra Aletris ...

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