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aegle marmelos

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Bael Fruit - Aegle marmelos
... Bael Fruit - Aegle marmelos Bael Fruit Aegle marmelos Baseball sized fruit with a very hard skin and sticky marmalade like pulp that is ... and Southern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Burma. It is rarely commercially grown. Related Species Rutaceae Aegle marmelos Bael Fruit Balsamocitrus dawei Uganda Powder Flask Casimiroa edulis White Sapote Casimiroa tetrameria Wooly-Leaved ... - A Modern Herbal | Bael - Herb Profile and Information
... - A Modern Herbal | Bael - Herb Profile and Information Bael Botanical: Aegle Marmelos (CORREA) Family: N.O. Rutaceae Description Constituents Medicinal Action and Uses Dosages and Preparations Other ...

... Silver vine Actinidia purpurea <-20F Actinidia rubricallus Chinese Egg Gooseberry Actinidia rufa Actinidia valvata Aegle marmelos Bael Fruit 10F D 5-8 Aiphanes acanthophylla Corozo 32F 27F Akebia ...

... Bacuripari Rheedia macrophylla Guttiferae Bacury-Pary Rheedia macrophylla Guttiferae Bael Fruit Aegle marmelos Rutaceae Baked Apple Berry Rubus chamaemorus Rosaceae Bakupari Rheedia brasiliensis Guttiferae ... Belimbing Averrhoa carambola Oxalidaceae Bell Apple Passiflora laurifolia Passifloraceae Bengal Quince Aegle marmelos Rutaceae Ber Zyzyphus jujuba Ramnaceae Betel Nut Areca catechu Palmae Bigay ...
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Know & Enjoy Tropical Fruit - Enjoy tropical and rare fruit? Then these pages are for you
... Buy the book Book details Chapter samples Fruit images Links to other sites Contact Home Aegle marmelos bael Aleurites moluccana candle nut Anacardium occidentale cashew Ananas comosus pineapple Annona cherimola cherimoya A ...

Tropical Fruit - Index and Picture Gallery - Enjoy tropical and rare fruit
... pictures and more. The book's images are superior to the scans on this site. Aegle marmelos - bael * Aleurites moluccana - candle nut* * Anacardium occidentale - cashew* * Ananas comosus - pineapple* Annona cherimola - cherimoya A ...
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Tropical Fruit By Common Name
... Lime Citrus australis Ausubo Manilkara bidentata Avocado Persea americana B Babaco Carica pentagonia Bael Fruit Aegle marmelos Banana Musa acuminata Banana Passion Fruit Passiflora mollissima Bakuripari Rheedia macrophylla Barbados Cherry Malphigia glabra ...

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