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adverse effects

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Pesticide Labeling: Directions for Use
... determination that the use of the product in such a manner does not cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment or human health under FIFRA. The directions for use are organized ... must be listed in the directions for use. Such restrictions are listed to avoid unreasonable adverse effects. Generally, restrictions involve any of the following: Rates; Sites, pests, timing, weather, soil, and ...

Safe Use of Glyphosate-containing Products in Aquatic and Upland Natural Areas
... that glyphosate herbicides registered for terrestrial application are not likely to result in adverse effects to amphibians when used according to label directions (Wojtaszek et al. 2004, ... glyphosate-containing products to protect managed habitats from weeds without concern for unreasonable adverse environmental impacts, as originally determined by regulatory agencies when these products were ...
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Herbal Safety
... International Food Information Council Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition FDA site. Try a search. Adverse Effects of Herbs From Medical Herbalism: A Journal for the Clinical Practitioner.

Phosphorus and nitrogen limitations to photosynthesis in Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine (Pinus aristata) in Colorado
... a limiting nutrient, increased anthropogenic N availability at sites in the Front Range may cause adverse effects on photosynthesis, and perhaps growth, in the future. Keywords: bristlecone pine, foliar nutrients, gas exchange ...

... WHAT THE GOVERNMENT'S OWN SCIENTISTS SAY ABOUT LOGGING AND WILDFIRES: "Timber harvest, through its effects on forest structure, local microclimate, and fuels accumulation, has increased fire severity more than ... and other means) can also have adverse effects on wildlife habitat and water quality in many areas. Officials told GAO that, because of these effects, a large-scale expansion of commercial ...

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... also the risk that a large excess of compost might get (and remain) waterlogged - an adverse condition that could affect the whole of the pot. Recently I have been doing some ... , my 1" rule quickly becomes a 2+" rule. So far I've never experienced any adverse effects from this practice. As far as I'm concerned the slavish adoption of the one ...

Disinfecting potato tubers using steam treatments
... with 2044% in the nontreated control. Neither steam nor organic mercury treatments had any adverse effects on tuber viability and on plant vigor, foliage, or mass, nor on viability or yield ...

UW-Madison Arboretum - Ecological Communities and Horticultural Collections
... feed the waterfowl, note that in the long run doing so encourages overcrowding and its adverse effects.) Teal Pond Wetlands Encircled by woods, this pond and its associated wetlands is near the ...

EXTOXNET FAQs - Adverse Health Risk Assesment
... , many unknowingly. Some may have the potential to cause adverse health effects, but how do we know if we are at risk ... substance. At what dose will we see effects? At what dose will we see no effects? This step is called DOSE/RESPONSE ASSESSMENT ... in order to characterize the magnitude and probability of an adverse health effect on the population being exposed. This is RISK CHARACTERIZATION. ...

Adverse Health Effects and Risk
Adverse Health Effects and Risk My question about adverse health effects relates to : 1. Individual sensitivity to chemicals 2. Predicitng the risks of exposure to chemicals (Risk Assessment) This Page prepared by B.T. Johnson, March 1998 UCD EXTOXNET FAQ Team.
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