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Alpine Garden Society
... Achlys Achnatherum Acianthus Acidanthera Acinopteris Acinos Aciphylla Aconitum Acorns Actaea Actinella Actinidia Actinotus Adenanthos Adenium Adenocarpus Adenophora Adenostoma Adesmia Adiantum Adlumia Adonis Adoxa Aeginetia Aegopodium Aeonium Aesculus Aethionema Afghanistan Afro-alpine ...

Canary Islands Laurel Forest
... more troubles, we can observe undershrubs belonging to the species of clover. Among them Adenocarpus foliolosus, Cytisus scoparium and sometimes Ulex europaeus species which have probably been introduced only ... is an endemic plant of the islands of the Macaronesia. Adenocarpus Foliolosus (Leguminosae) Codeso It is a shrub very similar to Adenocarpus viscosus and can be recognised by the absence of ...

Canary Islands Pine Forests
... -like leaves. The pine forests are characterised by the presence of two shrubby legumes: Adenocarpus viscosus, Chamaecytisus proliferus and Lotus hildebrandtii, a small herbaceous plant, still belonging to the ... in Tenerife, La Gomera and Gran Canaria. "Escob6n" is an excellent honey-producing species. Adenocarpus Viscosus (Codeso del pico) This shrub with close branches and leaves is an endemic ...
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