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Overview of Tracy
... as follows: Accession - Accession number of the specimen. CollectionID - Four char acronym for the collection containing the specimen BonapNameID BonapTaxonID Family Genus Species Tri Quad CollectorName CollectorSpecID - ID Number the ... from the keyboard to enter data. For example: After the user enters the Accession he hits the tab key to move to the Collection ID field. ...

TAMU Herbarium - Tour
... in 1978. The 'compactor' design allows storage of the maximum number of plant specimens using minimum space because the unit ... an extensive sample of diversity in the genus Cucurbita (squashes, pumpkins, and gourds), a genus that has received considerable research attention ... in movable racks. Once dry, they are ready to accession, computerize, and file in the compactor unit. The herbarium computer - ...

Basic Users Guide to Tracy
... This is the number of items in your database, not counting the one you are about to make.) 2. Type in the accession number and hit TAB ... your other records. TAB to get to the next field. 2. Genus and species are filled in in the same manner as family ... the FIND function and search for the accession number, or you can use the "New Record" button, type the accession number, and TAB twice to load the ...