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Acanthophoenix crinita
... Acanthophoenix crinita Acanthophoenix crinita Description Locality: Reunion and Mauritius Islands (Islands off the East Coast of South Africa). ...

Acanthophoenix rubra a spiny palm also known as the red palm
... Acanthophoenix rubra a spiny palm also known as the red palm Acanthophoenix rubra, Palmiste rouge, Barbel palm, Red palm Photo of a young Acanthophoenix rubra palm. Description Acanthophoenix rubra Locality: Reunion ... single trunk-palm that is exotic and unusual. Other Notes: Acanthophoenix rubra: We've found this species and Acanthophoenix crinita to be very desirable plants. The A. crinita is ...
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PACSOA - Acanthophoenix
PACSOA - Acanthophoenix Palms   Acanthophoenix crinita rubra For further information try Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens RBG Kew Species List

Common names of palms
... baileyana Bamboo palm Chamaedorea microspadix Bamboo palm Chamaedorea seifrizii Bamboo palm Rhapis excelsa Barbel palm Acanthophoenix rubra Barrel Palm Colpothrinax wrightii Bayas Oncosperma horridum Belly palm Gastrococos crispa Belmore sentry palm ...

Palm Genera
... scientific names. The list is linked to Fairchild's data and images. Genus Fairchild resources Acanthophoenix 12 living plants 15 images 1 DNA sample Acoelorrhaphe 49 living plants 21 images 10 ...
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PACSOA - Palms
... they abound." Alexander von Humboldt, Physiognomy of Plants, 1849.   Articles Cold Hardy Palms Common Names Acanthophoenix Acoelorrhaphe Acrocomia Actinokentia Actinorhytis Adonidia Aiphanes Allagoptera Alloschmidia Alsmithia Ammandra Aphandra Archontophoenix Areca Arenga Asterogyne ...

... Geneva, Switzerland B. Bise, F. Stauffer and P. Matille Vol. 50, No. 2 Front cover: Acanthophoenix rousselii sp nov., in Trois-Mares on the Roussel estate. This species is formally described ... Large Mexican Fan Palms (Washingtonia robusta) D.R. Hodel, J. Downer, and D.R. Pittenger Acanthophoenix in Réunion, Mascarene Islands N. Ludwig Unusual Branching in Manicaria J.B. Fisher and S ...

What's in a (Botanical) Name?
... -kanth´-o-KO-m’] acanthodes spiny (L.) [a-KANTH-o-deez / a-kan-THO-deez] ACANTHOPHOENIX spine + date palm (Gr.) [a-kanth´-o-FEE-nix] acanthophylla, acanthophyllum, acanthophyllus spine + leaf (Gr ...

Chapter 3: Taxonomy, Page 3
... , Rhopaloblaste, Dictyosperma, Actniorhytis, Lavoixia, Alloschmidia, Cyphophoenix, Campecarpus, Basselinia, Cyphosperma, Veillonia, Burretiokentia, Physokentia, Goniocladus Oncospermatinae Deckenia, Acanthophoenix, Rocheria, Oncosperma, Tectiphiala, Verscheffeltia,Phoenicophorium, Nephrosperma Sclerospermatinae Sclerosperma, Marojejya Genera of the tribe Areceae, but ...
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