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Pteridophytes - Introduction
... . This is Lycopodium cernuum, a Caribbean club moss. Most of this group is extinct. Lycopodium is the sole surviving genus. This is Selaginella serpens, a Caribbean spike moss. Selaginella & Lycopodium are similar & some ... . When you have looked at it, go back to the picture of its living relative Lycopodium and see if you can see the resemblance. Calamites was a giant horsetail relative, resembling ...

Fern & Fern Allies Lab
... Lycopodium cernuum to show the main features of its morphology. Draw a diagram from the prepared slide of the Lycopodium strobilus. Note that all the spores are of the same size. Lycopodium with cones L.S. Lycopodium ...

Fern Allies
... only two surviving genera today of which Lycopodium is the more important. Lycopodium cernuum - a Caribbean species Lycopodium spp. are essentially creeping plants with tiny leaves ... to see this. Three features distinguish Selaginella from Lycopodium;- Heterospory: Selaginella produces microspores and megaspores; Lycopodium is homosporous, producing only microspores. Endospory: Selaginella ...