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Flora of Ecuador: Amaranthaceae - 7/7
Flora of Ecuador: Amaranthaceae - 7/7 [7/7] Photographer: Morley Read Date: 2/5/01 18:51:42 Name: Iresine diffusa Family: Amaranthaceae Province: Pichincha Location: Ilalo, Huila del Senor, near summit Altitude: 3,100 Notes:

Angiosperm Families - Amaranthaceae Juss.
... Gossypianthus, Guilleminea, Hebanthe, Hemichroa (~ Chenopodiaceae), Henonia, Herbstia, Hermbstaedtia, Indobanalia, Irenella, Iresine, Kyphocarpa, Lagrezia, Leucosphaera, Lithophila, Lopriorea, Marcelliopsis, Mechowia, Nelsia, Neocentema, ... cultivated ornamentals, e.g. Amaranthus, Gomphrena, Iresine, and some noxious weeds, notably from Amaranthus, Iresine, Acnida. Illustrations. • Technical details ...

Rose Propagation & Exchange - GardenWeb
... follow-up, posted on Sun, Nov 26, 06 at 17:48 Got this piece of Iresine to root Posted by: aliska12000 5 on Mon, Oct 30, 06 at 15:51 Rose ...

Flora of Ecuador: Amaranthaceae
Flora of Ecuador: Amaranthaceae Flora of Ecuador: Amaranthaceae : Updated: Sunday, July 10, 2005 Alternanthera porrigens Ilalo Alternanthera porrigens Ilalo Alternanthera porrigens Ilalo Alternanthera sp. New Quito Airport Amaranthus sp. New Quito Airport Guilleminea densa New Quito Airport Iresine diffusa Ilalo

Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0 - I
... spp.--Morning Glory Ipomoea Insect Problems Ipomoea Disease Problems IPOMOEA ALBA Ipomoea alba--Moonflower IRESINE Iresine--Blood Leaf Iresine Insect Problems IRIS Iris Louisiana Hybrids Iris Insect Problems Iris Disease Problems Iris (bulbous ...

Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0 - M
... Problems - Indoors Gynura Insect Problems Hedera Insect Problems - Indoors Hemigraphis Insect Problems Hoya Insect Problems Iresine Insect Problems Kalanchoe Insect Problems Nerium Insect Problems - Indoors Pandanus Insect Problems Pelargonium Insect Problems ...
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Caryophyllidae UW Aberystwyth Botanic Gardens
... cooler countries. The red betalain pigmentation characteristic of the Caryophyllidae can be seen (right) in Iresine herbsii. Back to Botany Gardens Tropical Glasshouse Home Page

Tico Ethnobotanical Dictionary -- E
... Ceiba, Crescentia, Delonix, Eclipta, Equisetum, Eryngium, Gossypium, Guarea, Hura, Indigofera, Iresine, Jaquinia, Jatropha, Leucaena, Mimosa, Moringa, Parkinsonia, Pedilanthus, Pentaclethra, Persea, ... Browallila, Caesalpinia, Calophyllum, Dorstenia, Gliricidia, Hamelia, Hibiscus, Hura, Indigofera, Iresine, Jacaranda, Pedilanthus, Plumbago, Porophyllum, Portulaca, Pothomorphe, Solanum, Thespesia, ...

... or annual climbing plants come from North America, Asia, South Africa and the West I... Iresine These plants are grown for their richly colored leaves. They are natives to tropical America ...

Open Directory - Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Magnoliopsida: Amaranthaceae
... (22) Achyranthes (1) Alternanthera (6) Amaranthus (8) Celosia (1) Charpentiera (1) Deeringia (1) Gomphrena (1) Iresine (1) Nototrichium (1) The Amaranthaceae - General description of this family, mostly herbs but also including ...

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